Bruce Zahor and the staff of Zahor Design Office Inc. have extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing marketing materials that help you promote your business and sell your product.

CRE Finance Council
Our office is working closely with CREFC to create and implement a unique brand identity for each of their real estate finance conferences, held around the country every year. Included for each conference are print and web advertising and promotion, conference program schedule and sponsor guide book, conference At-A-Glance brochures with daily schedules and hotel venue floor plans, banner stands with event schedule information and sponsor recognition, as well as stage background branded identity.

Leagueline Newsletter
Architects League of Northern New Jersey

Our office provides planning and design services, advertising coordination and production management for this self-sustaining, full color quarterly newsletter for the local chapter of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). Available to ALNNJ members in hardcopy print and online versions.

CRE Finance Council
In early 2010, CMSA (Commercial Mortgage Securities Association) made a strategic decision to expand its focus, and rebrand the organization. Our office worked closely with senior management to design and develop a new brand identity, website and marketing materials for the new entity – CRE Finance Council. In addition to a new logo, our office designed and produced print and web advertising and announcements, membership materials, and developed an extensive series of branded materials for their first industry wide convention held at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Elements of the brand identity for the convention included web spots, email blasts, convention announcements and schedules, a 106 page convention program, banner stand directional signage throughout the facility and on-stage branded graphics.

Commercial Mortgage Securities Association (CMSA):
Our office was asked to help evaluate and improve the CMSA brand image. Elements of this assignment include a design review and revision to the CMSA logo, complete stationery package including traditional print and digital documents, revised graphics and custom made signage for the association headquarters, design and production of an expanded Annual Review publication, branded direct mail marketing materials for various CMSA conference and convention events, email and online web banners, PowerPoint presentations and many other brand building applications.

Working Values, Ltd.:
Working Values is a values-based ethics and compliance solutions provider. ZDO was asked to design and develop a coordinated marketing package including individual brochures on Ethics and Compliance Solutions, and three related brochures detailing Vision, Assessment and Action.

Reprogenetics, LLC:
Reprogenetics is a pioneer in the field of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). The company’s client base is worldwide and it maintains laboratories in California, New Jersey, Spain and Japan. Our office has been working closely with Reprogenetics to design a new brand identity and apply it to a broad spectrum of applications. The new logo is representative of the glowing colors of the X and Y chromosomes under a microscope. We are currently in the process of implementing the new identity and establishing a consistent graphic style for all stationery materials, research reports, conference materials, promotional needs, advertising and specialized packaging for shipping genetic samples.

Fox Residential Realty/The Scarswold Condominium:
Fox Residential Realty asked our office to help develop a variety of marketing materials for the Scarswold Condominium conversion. Included in this assignment: sales brochure folder, complete stationery package, floor plan sheets, exterior signage, sales office posters and newspaper advertising. The residential complex was constructed in a 1923 Tudor style, and the materials reflect the unique style and quality of the building.

Convoq, Ltd.:
Coordinated print marketing materials, trade show presentation booth, and website for this application service provider and collaborative workplace, for the graphic arts community.

Corporate Investment Partners (CIP):
Coordinated marketing folder with company overview, recent assignments, and partner biographies. Along with an interactive website for this middle market investment firm.

Ryan Beck & Co.:
Employee recruitment package with company overview and individual brochures describing policies, benefits and compensation.

Medallion Taxi Media:
A series of super graphic "taxi wrap" solutions, to expand the company's out-of-home advertising media offerings.

Trans Continental Communication:
A new corporate logotype, marketing pocket folder, spec sheets and corporate stationery for this high-capacity fiber optic transmission company.

New York University Program for In Vitro Fertilization:
Marketing folder, descriptive brochure, program stationery and trade ads to build program awareness.

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